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         [8] I am the least important of all God’s people. But still God has given this special work to me because he is so kind. He has sent me to tell the Gentiles about the great things that are ours because of Christ. God gives such good things to us in Christ because Christ is so very rich.  [9] These things are more valuable than anyone could ever know. God sent me also to make clear to everyone how he would cause his secret during past times. [10] His purpose was to show now, at this time, how completely he understands everything. He wanted the spiritual rulers, that have authority in the heavens, to know this. They WOULD KNOW IT by the church (God’s people) –   Ephesians 3:8-10


Wow! Nothing could ever be clearer about knowing the will of God after reading this. This epistle is telling us that God’s intent or will has always been that He should be known only by observing the church? This means if you have seen a believer, you have seen a pattern after the life of God! Wow!

Doesn’t this tell you something? Doesn’t this tell us that the nature of God that we are to show doesn’t come by assumption? It comes by following a pattern; so, I ask today, “with whom are you keeping company?”

Oh, don’t say, “I don’t have to go to church before I can worship God. God is everywhere and with me, so I don’t need anyone to bull-sh******t me with all these come-to-church-crap”.

No, a child can only grow as healthy as his/her immediate environment permits. We all need to grow well, and it can only be done within a family.

Also, With what minds are you interacting in the kind of books you read?

Let the Word of God be your company today for a pattern. Even more, keep company with the brethren today in things of righteousness as patterned by the author and finisher of Faith – Jesus 

To be intentional in these things, grab our message “Be ye followers of Us”